Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a growing technology finding applications in all aspects of life and industry. We are also seeing a lot of effervescence in the use of Artificial Intelligence for healthcare as well as in the start-up arena. CHP thus proposes to nurture both high growth areas as potential solutions for the Healthcare problem that is looming large.

Healthcare & pharmaceutical industry is finding new and innovative ways to use this powerful technology to enhance their efficiency and help solve some of the biggest problems facing the industry today.

Processes like Drug Development face challenges at the pre-registration stage due to poor efficacy or poor absorption, distribution, metabolism, or excretion (ADME) which could be alleviated with the implication of AI. Large scale Data protection, quick disease mapping and analytics, too, is much easier with the help of AI.

Much of the future inventions will come from an overlay of chemical, mechanical and IT combines that also use artificial intelligence. The Committee will encourage such meeting ground where the significant in-country technical capability in IT and medicine can be harnessed in meaningful ways for the development of products and services that enhance medical delivery.

The next step is for AI systems to perform autonomously, delivering diagnoses without the need for human intervention by deciphering medical images & reports.