Equipped with a massive market, an ageing population, and an ability to quickly adapt consumer technologies, China is going to be at the forefront of the coming Healthcare Tech Revolution. In order to achieve the World’s Best, Cheapest Healthcare, China, has doubled the amount it is pouring into public hospitals in the last 5 years to USD 38 billion. It wants to see a healthcare industry valued at USD 2.3 trillion by 2030, more than twice its size now.

GDP growth (annual percent change)1.18 as in 2020
9.21 as in 2021

GDP (current prices) (Billion) 27,804.95 as in 2020
30,956.73 as in 2021

GDP per capita (constant prices) 0.88 as in 2020
8.91 as in 2021

Interesting Facts

  • Population: 1.44 Bn with Growth Rate of 0.4%
  • Projected: 1.46 Bn in 2030 with Growth rate of 0.09%
  • Life expectancy: at Birth, Male: 75 years & Female: 79 years

Total Health Spending (2016)

  • USD/Capita: 688
  • 5 % Of total GDP