“The Indian healthcare sector is expected to reach over USD 280 billion by 2025. Rising income level, greater health awareness, increased precedence of lifestyle diseases and improved access to insurance would be the key contributors to growth. Though India’s healthcare sector has evolved significantly in the last decade, challenges exist in providing access to quality healthcare in the country. The boom in digital health in India will steer the evolution of the life sciences industry and amplify its positive impact on the quality of care which is now at an inflexion point”.

GDP growth (Annual percent change1.87 as in 2020
7.43 as in 2021

GDP (current prices)(Billion) 11,321.28 as in 2020
12,399.00 as in 2021

GDP per capita (constant prices) 0.55 as in 2020
6.03 as in 2021

Interesting Facts

  • Indian Population is 1.38 Bn with Growth Rate of 1.0%
  • Projected: 1.50 Bn in 2030 with Growth rate of 0.80%
  • Life expectancy at Birth, Male: 68 years & Female: 71 years

Total Health Spending (2016)

  • USD/Capita: 209
  • 3.6% Of total GDP