Japan achieved universal health coverage (UHC) way back in 1961. Since then, it has continued to develop its health system of good health at low cost with equity. Japan has spearheaded the paradigm shift in healthcare from a clinical and curative focus to a multidisciplinary system. Japan’s healthcare vision focuses on Innovation, Sustainability & Prosperity to maximize patient value through Lean Healthcare practises.

GDP growth (Annual percent change)-5.16 as in 2020
3.01 as in 2021

GDP (current prices)(Billion) 11,321.28 as in 2020
12,399.00 as in 2021

GDP per capita (constant prices)0.55 as in 2020
3.4 as in 2021

Interesting Facts

  • Japan Population is 126 Mn with Growth Rate of -0.30%
  • Projected: 120 Mn in 2030 with Growth rate of -0.52%
  • Life expectancy at Birth, Male: 81 years & Female: 87 years

Total Health Spending (2018)

  • USD/Capita: 4766
  • (10.9 % Of total GDP)