Digital transformation enabled by radically interoperable data and open, secure platforms will drive the future of “Global health”. Health will revolve around sustaining well-being rather than responding to illness with prevention and early diagnoses being the epicentre. With full access to detailed information about their health, the consumers will play a central role in making decisions about their health and well-being. Future offers holistic health as an overall state of well-being encompassing mental, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

GDP growth (Annual percent change)2.9 as in 2020
-3.0 as in 2021

GDP per capita (constant prices)-4.23 as in 2020
4.61 as in 2021

Interesting Facts

  • Global Population is 7.7 Bn with Growth Rate of 1.05%
  • Projected: 8.5 Bn in 2030 with Growth rate of 0.84 %
  • Life expectancy at Birth, Male: 72 years & Female: 75 years

Total Health Spending (2018)

  • USD/Capita: 1080