Corporate Social Responsibility

The Council routinely mobilises resources at its command, channelling them towards humanitarian causes that contribute towards fulfilling its commitment to society. Our CSR effort is in keeping with our deep commitment to the cause of Universal healthcare and consequently is directed at alleviating disease and human suffering while keeping populations healthy. We believe everyone has a right to good health and our direct and indirect interventions are made with the intent of improving health while keeping healthcare affordable, available and accessible to all who need it.

The Council is deeply cognisant of the contribution that women make towards a healthy society. Women are in most cases, primary healthcare decision makers and the chief medical officers of their homes. A healthy woman keeps the whole family healthy. Hence, women are central to our CSR approach. Linked closely to their good health and improved nutritional status is the health of infants and children and in many ways that of the entire family.

Many of our projects focus on health education, public sanitation (a grave contributor to the spread of disease) and interventions in the area of communicable diseases like TB, Malaria, Dengue. Of significant importance, particularly at the present juncture are widespread diseases like diabetes, which has a direct influence on many other human ailments afflicting most parts of the human body. Cancer remains the emperor and mother of all diseases and we are supporting efforts that could well help arrive at definitive solutions for this dreaded disease in the future. Meanwhile, early screenings to catch the disease in its infancy and palliative care remain the best options.

A more recent and disturbing issue is that of Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) where the overuse and rampant abuse of antibiotics and other drugs has led to a loss in their efficacy and a depletion of our treatment arsenal. The council is also putting its might behind finding solutions to address this looming problem with the involvement of the industry, Governments, Communities and all other stakeholders.