The healthcare focus in India by both government and industry is currently on treatment after the onset of disease. GOI aims to deliver low-cost treatment close to people’s homes while targeting both communicable and non-communicable diseases. Women`s & children`s health is also a concern.

Given the size of the population and the lack of resources, the government seeks to provide essential drugs and diagnostic services at affordable prices. This should pave the way for mergers, acquisitions and consolidation activities, mostly within corporate hospital chains, with the aim to connect available infrastructure, facilities and technology on the one hand and to create a wider healthcare footprint in the country.

Further, the proposed National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB), is an attempt by the GOI to create an integrated nationwide database of health service providers, patient records over the care continuum using an open API framework. Extensive data processing and analytics, integration with AI and BlockChain technologies and online knowledge-sharing initiatives, will generate a greater need for data security in medical records. Accompanying regulation including a Personal Data Protection Bill is likely to be enforced through a supportive legal Act in 2020.

The recent Covid 19 pandemic has brought in to focus the huge gaps in healthcare infrastructure. There is thus a need to significantly increase the long-neglected healthcare budget over the next few years and invest in drastically raising the standards of healthcare in the country. The focus should be on improving access and quality in healthcare.

The coming years should see dramatic changes in healthcare data processing, bringing more of AI, cloud-based technology ecosystems and healthcare innovations, fulfilling the smooth execution of NDHB, improving the quality of Indian health care & medical services and making it accessible, affordable, accountable and patient-centric.

In addition to improving healthcare itself there should be greater emphasis on hygiene and sanitary conditions with a focus on Primary care so the disease can be contained, people stay healthy and the burden on healthcare infrastructure is reduced.