The Council for Healthcare and Pharma (CHP) is an integrated, not-for-profit, global think tank that advocates the development of sustainable healthcare systems around the world. CHP engages with Governments and stakeholders to evolve innovative approaches that optimise the value chain and ecosystem involved in treating human disease and improving healthcare standards.

Healthcare systems around the world have tended to develop in silos. The Health issues of countries too, are different from each other. Thus, there is a crying need to look at fresh integrated approaches, with stakeholders working together to achieve the common millennium development goal of healthcare for all.

As a significant and credible stakeholder in alleviating the burden of disease, the CHP brings to bear the collective wisdom of policymakers and industry (Pharmaceutical companies, Providers of Diagnostics, Medical Device Manufacturers, Hospitals and adjunct services) on health issues that stand to make a difference to society.

The CHP has been set-up to create a global environment for sustainable development and growth of the Healthcare and Pharma industries through consistent steering of issues and advisory actions. CHP’s prime focus will be on Africa, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, UK & the USA. Its important areas of work will be in ease-of-doing-business; increasing competitiveness; broadening access to safe, efficacious and affordable healthcare services and medicines.

India has developed strengths in scientific endeavor. It is today a major contributor to the cause of healthcare globally as a low cost-high quality manufacturing base for bulk drugs, simple & complex pharmaceuticals and bio-similars. India has attained significant competency in research work, clinical trials and diagnostics. The Nation also has a number of well equipped, state of the art hospitals staffed by competent and internationally respected doctors (including surgeons), nurses and paramedic staff, who are amongst the best in the world.  It is therefore strategic for the CHP to establish a broad “Pharma & Healthcare Council”, in India, with a GLOBAL VOICE, REACH and PERSPECTIVE.

The Council envisages the ding of a base for Innovation, Generics, Contract Manufacturing and value-added healthcare services, while promoting the ‘Make in India’ advantage.

The Council will have a global footprint and members from its focus geographies to advocate the merits of a strong and vibrant Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry. The Council’s aim will be to provide thought leadership on matters critical to healthcare.

It will play a leading role in facilitating and encouraging partnerships where joint action is beneficial and required in shaping the research agenda with academia.

The Council’s role will include but not be limited to stimulating the generation, translation and dissemination of valuable knowledge, technical support, and catalyzing necessary change while building sustainable institutional capacity.

The main scope will be to address Industry issues with Government, forge partnerships, strike synergies and collaborate with other like-minded Institutions, Associations, Donors and NGOs working in the sector.

It will organize seminars on relevant, contemporary issues and engage with the brightest minds to address such domains comprehensively. This will help to create a conducive environment for the Industry and cultivate engagement with all its stakeholders.

The ambit of the Council will include among other things, countermeasures against emerging and infectious diseases of the world and problems of drug access while maintaining a delicate balance between Intellectual Property Rights and Drug Availability.

CHP– Eleven Point Plan:

  1. To ensure timely access to safe, efficacious, affordable, quality medicines and healthcare systems, while complying with the requirements of the respective national health authorities.
  2. To drive solutions on Public Health issues by working closely with decision-makers and key opinion leaders to ensure a competitive landscape for branded, generic, biosimilar and nutraceutical products. Also, to build a stronger base for the Primary & Preventive Healthcare system.
  3. To align with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, by extending support to the members investing in research with a global vision and a perspective to build higher-level competencies in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
  4. To educate and cultivate awareness for quality, efficacious, affordable and accessible Healthcare Services and Medicines.
  5. To adopt exemplary benchmarks set by peers like the Japanese Healthcare industry and to foster closer cooperation for Research and Generic Business, while aligning and consistently adopting higher standards of quality and practices.
  6. To focus and drive a clear policy pathway for Africa.
  7. To contribute towards designing of an intellectual property framework with the twin objective of balancing innovation and access to healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
  8. To work towards information sharing, technology exchange and close collaboration with each member organization; to act globally and on market-specific needs for advancement of Medicare, Research & Development for patients worldwide.
  9. To ensure capacity building in the entire healthcare value chain by forging partnerships with industry and academia, with the aim of driving a policy framework and augmenting human resource development and education standards.
  10. To address growing concerns pertaining to Environment, Safety & Health alongside related issues like Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) etc., especially with a depleting arsenal of antibiotics that become ineffective in combating disease because of mutating pathogens that have turned drug-resistant.
  11. To promote affordable, alternate systems of medicine and therapy in Pharma and Healthcare space and address the challenges of infectious and communicable diseases.


  • The Council will offer its members; MIS (Management Information Systems), Research Data Mapping and guidance to invest in Emerging, Expansion and Regulated markets.
  • CHP will build a strong INVEST-INDIA module to enable the industry to set up cutting edge Research & Development Infrastructure in India.
  • CHP will organize seminars and symposia on relevant and topical issues that are of immediate concern and engage with the brightest minds to address the same under one roof.
  • The Council will monitor relevant policy initiatives at India and international levels and provide valuable input including data and advice to the industry.
  • The Council will foster the development of a business environment with Globalization as its tenet.
  • The CHP will act as a catalyst by providing proper guidance and necessary vision to both the Industry and the Government.
  • The CHP will work towards the prevention of patent abuse and anti-competitive practices so that the latest, high-quality medicines can be made available and accessible at the earliest, to all who need them.
  • The CHP will work to nurture a progressive policy and regulatory environment that will encourage biosimilar research and manufacturing.
  • To improve digital health literacy in the Industry and to deploy IT resources more extensively in finding innovative solutions to problems that confront Healthcare.
  • CHP will support endeavors to share research and transfer organizational innovations

Implementation Framework:

The Council has committees working on segments below, which are mentored by experts.


The committees will provide guidance and advice to members in their respective areas of work.