Rajiv Malik

President & Executive Director – Viatris Incorporation

Rajiv is currently the President and an Executive Director of Viatris Incorporation, a combination of Mylan and Pfizer’s Upjohn. It`s a new Healthcare Company, positioned to meet the World’s Evolving Healthcare Needs. Prior to handling the leadership role in Viatris, Rajiv worked in a similar position at Mylan N.V, a leading global pharmaceutical company. He has been with Mylan for more than 10 years.  Rajiv began his career as a scientist in the lab more than 35 years ago, just as the Indian Pharmaceutical industry was on the verge of going global.  Throughout his career, he held various leadership positions at Ranbaxy and Sandoz, followed by the role of CEO of Matrix Laboratories.  While leading Matrix, he established the company as a key ARV supplier in developing markets through relationships with Gilead, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, a true vision of providing access to medicines in the developing world.

In 2012, Rajiv became the President of Mylan and expanded his responsibilities to include commercial, business development and information technology, in addition to operations. Rajiv plays a key role in strategizing and more importantly, executing on many follow-on global acquisitions that further diversified Mylan’s commercial and operational platform.  He also continues to focus on ARVs and infectious disease expansion.

With a patient-first mentality and a philosophy that quality is everyone’s responsibility, Rajiv continues to seek opportunities to further advance quality across the industry.