Dr Gurpreet Sandhu

President – CHP, Founder & Director – Reva Pharma, Chairman – CareIndia

Dr Gurpreet Sandhu is the President of the Council for Healthcare and Pharma, a Global Think Tank and Advocacy Forum. The Council advocates the development of sustainable integrated Health Systems & Affordable Healthcare for All.

He believes India and its industry can benefit from a more internationally oriented regulatory regime, which mandates the adoption of common global standards and ensures compliance. This may merit audit and certification by the regulator which in turn would go to endorse the quality of the made in India brand, giving its health products a fillip in credibility in international markets

Dr Sandhu has over three decades of experience in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors. In addition to his role at the Council he is the Founder of Reva Pharma and serves on the company’s Board of Directors. Dr Sandhu is also the Chairman of CareIndia that operates in Healthcare Delivery Services & Chain of Pharmacies. He has earlier worked in senior positions with leading corporations including the TATAs, Global Traders & Daichi-Sankyo. He is a prominent speaker at various industry fora in India & overseas.

Widely recognized as a remarkable business leader, Dr Sandhu is credited with having created numerous ventures and partnerships in the healthcare and pharma space.

Dr Sandhu has argued in favour of an equitable playing field for industry to flourish. His efforts have largely been in capacity building, investment in Research & Development, fair pricing mechanisms and ease of doing business. This initiative when they fructify would have a far-reaching effect on sustainability in addition to upholding the long-term interests of patients.

As an expert, his views and advice are often sought on wide-ranging and important matters concerning the pharma and healthcare industries. He is involved in strategic capacities with Governments as an advisor and serves on the Scientific Board of the India Pharmacopoeia Commission.

Dr Sandhu is passionate about the conservation of the environment and believes in economic growth with a benign eco-footprint.

A global citizen, Dr Sandhu has travelled to over 100 countries. He has invaluable experience, a deep insight and market knowledge of US, China, Japan & Emerging Economies. He holds a Doctorate in Economics and an MBA with a specialization in Marketing & International Business from the universities of Cardiff, UK and the Punjab Agricultural University, India.